Njie showcases Gambia’s democratic model at summit

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By Lamin Cham

National Assembly deputy speaker Seedy Njie has told the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) that following the change of government in 2017, The Gambia continues to gain its standing in the international stage owing to its “tolerant and democratic leader who ensured the protection of people’s liberties and political pluralism entrenching our democratisation processes”.

Addressing the 146th IPU in Manama, Bahrain last week, Njie further disclosed that the Gambian constitution provides an entrenched bill of rights safeguarding people’s liberties, human rights, freedoms of associations and strongly recognises religious traditional differences for an inclusive society where tolerance is guaranteed.


He said promoting inclusive societies to fight intolerance, social and economic-inequalities and discriminations is incumbent upon not only politicians and parliamentarians but on all citizens.

 “While acknowledging the promulgation of universal accords, treaties, and conventions that promote and safeguard fundamental human rights, freedoms, and justice, it is essential for all of us in the broader ecosystem of democracy to foster inclusive societies where rights and liberties are upheld for a more cohesive, democracy and peaceful coexistence among citizens of the world,” he said.

Mr Njie urged the union to continue to provide the necessary support to institutions of parliament in promoting tolerance and upholding inclusiveness.

“We should not rest on our laurels as we continue to advocate and preach messages of peace in our deliberations in parliaments. The onus is now on us parliamentarians to make a breakthrough,” Njie concluded.