Njogu Bah breaks silence at NPP rally

Njogu Bah breaks silence at NPP rally


By Omar Bah

Former minister, secretary general and head of the civil service, Dr Njogu Bah has broken his long silence, announcing his endorsement of President Barrow.

Bah was dismissed in 2013 as the chief scribe to President Jammeh and charged with interfering with the posting of one Ms Jainaba Jobarteh to the Gambia mission at the United Nations in New York without following the proper procedure of nomination. He was sentenced to a mandatory jail term of two years.


Addressing an NPP rally in Sukuta on Saturday evening, Njogu Bah said: “I personally came here to thank the president and appreciate the good work he is doing.  President Barrow is a democrat who has patience and love for this country. We all know what was happening here before but Barrow has not even used a broom on any Gambian. Politics is not about insulting, fighting and killing each other. It is about selling the ideas you have to the electorate.”

Mr Omar Sey, a former health minister and close associate of former President Jammeh, was also spotted at the NPP Sukuta rally.  The appearance of Jammeh’s former ministers came on the heels of his public disavowal of the APRC-NPP alliance.