No NAM for NPP from Banjul to Soma, except Old Yundum


By Lamin Cham

The governing National People’s Party is reeling from its defeat in the populous settlements in the Greater Banjul Area.

The NPP lost all of its presidential election-held territory right from Banjul down to Soma in Jarra West except Old Yundum.


The results are seen as a blow to the ruling party and have given renewed hope to the opposition, principally the UDP, that it could bounce back from its defeat at the presidential election and retain its area council and mayoral seats in next year’s local government elections.

A gloating UDP election monitor told journalists in Sukuta on election night: “These results show that the NPP did not win last December’s presidential election. We have flushed them out from Banjul to Soma and the only resting place for them is Old Yundum.”

In December’s presidential election, President Barrow won almost everything in these areas.