Mr Colley, who is also the mayor for Kanifing Municipality was reacting to the rumour making rounds that talks for a united opposition front is imminent. 

He told The Standard yesterday that any such move will be ‘a waste of time’ and a failure, noting that Gambian opposition are divided along ideological lines. 

The APRC national mobiliser added: “Do you think that it is possible for them to do that? They have been forming coalitions and they will continue to fail. Do you know why? It is because the people of The Gambia do not like them. The people do not want them to lead them. So even if they form… I am not just talking about an association, coalition or whatever they intend forming. They are saying that they will form the biggest but big how and where? We [APRC] are bigger than all the opposition parties put together. They form a little percentage on the voter population and they are less than 25 percent. So what is going to make them big by coming together? In fact, they are going down and the percentage they got [in the last presidential election], they will not get that this time. The people don’t like them. 


“Of course, it is a waste of time trying to come together. In fact, they cannot even come together because they have different agendas, ideologies and directions. Some of them are just pursuing their personal interests, while some of them only want to lead.  In fact, it is a joke and it makes me laugh when they are talking about coming together. They can come together that’s fine. There is a strategy that they are using that we know of. They now take cover as independent candidates so that they can influence the support of the APRC. These individuals know that if they come under the name of any other party other than APRC they will fail. So they do this for the party to sympathise with them. We will continue to humiliate them because the people know the agenda that they have. You cannot come to a country and say you want to be a leader and think the people will listen to you. 

When put to him claims made by the opposition that the IEC is an extension of the ruling party and that they are going to push for electoral reforms ahead of the election, he replied: “Do you think the minority can do anything? They are a minority in our society and they cannot dictate anything. How can the minority talk about something that has the interest of the majority at stake? I cannot talk about the Independent Electoral Commission because I know they are independent and this has nothing to do with my party.”