No to impunity


Revelations of how the former Vice President, Madam Fatoumatta Jallow-Tambajang lost her job are going round and they are a serious cause for concern. It has been revealed that the former Number 2 lost her job because of a letter purportedly written by her to undermine the president came to light. This is a serious allegation which should be – has to be – investigated because it is at the highest level of government. It is alleged that a letter of recommendation she wrote was tampered with at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the contents altered. Although she has said that she has forgiven those involved, it should be understood that this matter is not about her person. It is about the heart of our nation – the presidency. Thus, it is not right to just push it under the carpet while the perpetrator(s) continue walking freely in the corridors of power. It raises questions of the integrity of some of our highest officials in government. If something like that can happen at that level, one wonders what else can go on behind the scenes. This even raises eyebrows about the integrity of the officials in those high places. This type of behaviour encourages and promotes impunity which we must muzzle if we are to strengthen our nascent democracy and usher in any real development. Therefore, government should swiftly engage the police to investigate the issue and reach its bottom. Whoever is found wanting should then be brought to book in order to avoid a repeat of this treacherous act, if it is indeed found to be true.]]>