NPP chieftain bemoans Barrow’s hat trick losses in Bakau

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By Tabora Bojang

Presidential adviser and NPP national president Dembo Bojang has expressed his dismay with the people of Bakau for posing as a bulwark opposition to Adama Barrow’s presidency.

According to the veteran politician, Barrow’s losses at the polls are a manifestation that the people of Bakau dislike him [Bojang].


Bojang, an opposition stalwart during the Jawara and Jawara regimes, accused his people of failing to repay him the sacrifices he made on their behalf over the decades.

“I spent 17 years in the NCP and 22 years in the UDP, but during those times I could not do anything to wipe your tears because I was in the opposition, and now comes President Adama Barrow, who we brought into politics and he made me a special adviser, religious adviser and a traditional adviser. These are three very important positions that belong to the people of Bakau and not me. But today there is a lot of shame on me because for three elections in a row, you failed to vote for President Barrow to enable him win in Bakau. But I want to tell you that your dislike and hatred for President Barrow equates to disliking or hating me. I beg you [Bakau people] to love me. I have sacrificed a lot for you. I have been fighting your cause for more than 30 years. I used to lie down when you ask; I used to stand up when you ask; and I even closed my eyes when you asked me to do so. I did all that for your cause. I am now working with the government but you people are still on the same footing. Please I urge you to change and for the good,” Bojang said in a shaky tone at Bakary Badjie’s campaign meeting in Bakau Monday evening.

He called on the women of Bakau as his “last hope” to rally behind NPP’s Bakary Badjie for the KM mayoral seat.

“I have so much hope in the women of Bakau and I know they will not dash my hope by voting against Bakary Badjie. Support him and give him your votes. If we win, it is Bakau that wins. Talib has been here for five years and he has not brought any development. The purpose of elections is to essay the achievements of your public servants and hold them to account by making a decision with your vote. Bakary Badjie is selfless and he has demonstrated honesty by dropping his privileged ministerial position to contest in order to wipe the tears of the poor. We all know a mayor is under a minister and if Bakary can forego that then let us sympathise with him and do what he wants,” Bojang urged.

He also expressed disappointment that Bakau has lost its glory days in politics when it used to lead and others follow.