NPP Finland chairman disappointed over new cabinet delay

NPP Finland chairman disappointed over new cabinet delay


By Omar Bah

The National People’s Party Finland chapter chairman has expressed disappointment over President Adama Barrow’s decision to delay the selection of a new cabinet. Sainey Jabbi said the Gambian leader’s decision to continue with the same system means the same “corruption and nepotism” will continue.

“Now Mr President, you got what you want, the country is in your hands but Gambians elected you, hopefully you will not disappoint the people who stood by your side, day in and day out for another hard five years as leader of the people of The Gambia. You need to make some changes in your cabinet,” he wrote on his Facebook page.


Jabbi added: “I will be there for the people of the Gambia, not the president of the Gambia because it is an open secret that there is corruption in the Gambia and it will continue for another five years.”

“Good luck with your executive. The fact that the same people will run the government, I am disappointed because I think all those ministers need to be replaced except the sports minister,” he added.

Jabbi said ministers for health, interior, finance, local government and lands and tourism should be dismissed.

“All the above ministers should be changed in my opinion,” Jabbi said.