NPP says Barrow qualified to contest election

NPP says Barrow qualified to contest election


By Omar Bah

The National People’s Party has debunked a letter written by a human rights group suggesting that the party has not fulfilled the requirements to have its candidate nominated.

The group, R2K and several others, argued that the NPP has not held a congress as required by the electoral laws.


However, the NPP deputy spokesperson Seedy Njie in a statement issued late Sunday, said: “The public is urged to ignore the statement from the ignorant and anonymous political ‘osusu’ group calling itself R2K. Their letter to the IEC belongs to the dustbin and represents nothing but a futile and desperate attempt to campaign for their failed candidates. The R2K group is composed mostly of angry and vindictive ignoramuses masquerading as civil society. They are nothing but a shameless bunch of pseudo-politicians and half-baked academicians. All that R2K said about President Barrow and the NPP is nonsensical garbage intended to confuse the public. The National People’s Party is not due for the biennial party congress and besides, congress is not among the requirements for nomination.

Let it therefore be known to all and sundry that our great leader, President Adama Barrow, has met all the nomination requirements for the upcoming presidential election of The Gambia as established by law.”

“The National People’s Party-led grand coalition wishes to remind the public that the President, secretary general, party leader and presidential candidate, President Adama Barrow, will be nominated on Thursday 4th November, 2021 at the Independent Electoral Commission headquarters.