NPP supporter quits over alliance with APRC


By Tabora Bojang

Alagie Kijera, an NPP supporter and founder of the Barrow Fans Club, has quit the ruling party after confirmation that it is forming an alliance with the APRC.

This paper ran a story last month where Mr Kijera threatened to resign from the NPP if alliance talks with the green party turned out to be true.


Kijera has now made good on his threat and announced his resignation from the NPP.

“As from today, I ceased to be a member of the NPP… I cannot associate myself with a political party – the APRC –  that held Gambians hostage for 22 years with a very bad human rights record. We have heard the revelations at the TRRC. One of my best friends Honourable Demba Dem is presently fighting for his life in The Netherlands because both his kidneys are not functioning because of the torment he underwent in detention at the NIA in March of 2006.

“Furthermore, we have all heard from the trial of the NIA 9 how Solo Sandeng and co were treated at the NIA. The above-mentioned together with many other reasons compelled me to resign from the NPP,” Kijera said.