He began by revealing that a meeting between the GNOC, and the National Sports Council, NSC, was recently held at the Independence Stadium where it was agreed that for the first time, a committee comprising of the, GNOC, the NSC and an independent sports personality with knowledge of the GNOC constitution, the IOC charter and the NSC Act, would be constituted.

”This three-man committee will take a fresh look at all the issues surrounding the impasse, taking all the legal entities and explanations into  view and conduct  wide consultations  and  come up with a recommendation that will be forwarded to the sports ministry and other parties as a way forward out of this crisis,” he said.

Asked if there is anything new in this agreement, Kolley said for a start, the GNOC’s concern that they have never been involved  in consultations on matters concerning them, has been taken care of as they are represented in this committee. ”And also, all the past issues have been put aside to enable the committee to have a clear vision so that their way would not be clouded by past disputes and broken agreements et cetera,” Kolley said.


He also revealed that the meeting at the Stadium was a groundbreaking one that would bring about a new understanding between the two parties as they search for a solution to this intractable problem.

Asked when this committee would start work especially as the Olympic House is still closed, Kolley said two of the members have already been identified and the GNOC would soon identify their representative on the committee.

”There were concerns raised with regard to the continuous closure of the Olympic House, especially to the administrative staff, but this would be addressed once the three-man committee started work because the bureau would be opened for them to carry out their functions,” Kolley said.

He concluded by stating his firm belief and fresh approach to solving all the problems affecting sports within the framework of respect for the authorities and the national laws and recognition for the independent, effective functioning  of national sports associations.

The GNOC office, Olympic House, has been closed for over a month since police moved there blocking access to executive members who were sidelined by the Ministry of Youth Sports over a dispute surrounding the bureau’s elections.


By Lamin Cham