NUP campaign manager says Gambia will sink if NPP wins

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By Amadou Jadama

The campaign manager of the opposition National Unity Party (NUP), Lamin Demba, has called on Gambians to turn out and vote for the opposition candidates, saying wins for President Barrow’s NPP will sink the country in a deeper hole.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Mr Demba asserted: “We in the National Unity Party have lost confidence in the ruling party because the president and his party have failed Gambians.  All these hardship and retarded development in the country are caused by their ineptitude,” he chided.


Demba said when the voters enter the ballot rooms this Saturday, they should reflect their minds on the high cost of living, general economic malaise and rampant corruption in the country.

He said: “The country is getting harder every day and President Barrow and his government are not making any efforts to ensure the hardship is reduced; rather they are making empty promises. That is why we are not going to support any candidate put up by NPP. Gambians are hungry and angry. 

“This is why in Kanifing municipality, we endorsed Talib Bensouda and in West Coast Region, we endorsed Ahmed Gitteh. In Upper River Region, we endorsed Foday Danjo,” he added.

“We are calling on all Gambians to vote for Bensouda, Gitteh, and Danjo and other opposition candidates so that our local governments would not fail. But if Gambians vote for Seedy Ceesay and other NPP candidates, the country will go from the frying pan to the fire.

“God forbid, if NPP wins the mayoral and chairmanship elections the country will sink because the councils will be like the ineffective cabinet. The NPP government is not here for the interest of the Gambian people, but for themselves,” he said.