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Nurses, midwives council urges members to regularise status

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By Baba Sillah

Members of the Council for Nurses and Midwives are urged to work to regularise their license status to meet professional requirements of the body.
Registrar Mafugi Bojang told journalists at his office in Banjul the license of the members expired since December last year.
“A grace period of three months will be extended to members to enable them to renew their license,” the registrar said.
However, he said failure to regularise their status before this period collapses will not be accepted.
“The requirement for nurses and midwives to regularise their license will enable them to work smoothly without any hindrance. The council therefore urges all nurses and midwives professionals to comply with the order to avoid embarrassment and possible litigation. Those found wanting will have their names published in the official gazette of the state,” he warned.

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