Officer explains how robbers who attacked Chinese nationals were arrested

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By Bruce Asemota

One Detective Musa Jatta has told the court how the first accused person; Alagie Camara was arrested and confessed to robbing four Chinese nationals in Old Yundum with Sheikh Joof and Omar Mbowe sometime in July, 2020.

In his testimony before Justice Ebrima Jaiteh of High Court in Banjul, Detective Musa Jatta said whilst on duty at the Anti-Crime Unit office, he received information that the accused persons had attacked and broken into a residence at Old Yundum occupied by some Chinese nationals.


The witness further testified that Alagie Camara was first arrested at his residence at Coastal Road where some of the stolen items were recovered including iPhones and some unspecified amount of money.

He told the court that Alagie Camara was taken to the Anti-Crime Unit at Bijilo where he was interrogated about his alleged involvement in the crime and he named Sheikh Joof and Omar Mbowe as his accomplices.

The witness said Alagie led the team to Sheikh Joof’s compound but he was not found there and proceeded to Tippa Garage at Bakoteh where he (Sheikh Joof) was arrested and taken to the Anti-Crime Unit base. He was confronted and admitted to the crime. Two iPhones and two foreign currencies including US dollars, Chinese Yuan were recovered at his residence.

Detective Jatta disclosed that Alagie Camara informed the team that he gave the sum of D8.000.00 to his younger brother; Omar Camara as proceeds of the robbery.

It could be recalled that the trio are accused of robbing four Chinese nationals whilst armed with cutlasses, knives. They took D280.000.00, 1100 US dollars, four mobile phones, 1000 Chinese Yuan and some unspecified amount of foreign currencies.

Hearing continues.