OIC Africa group supports Gambia hosting summit


Press release, OIC Gambia – In response to false and misleading rumours emerging largely on social media, The Gambia OIC Secretariat wishes to inform the public that The Gambia maintains its role as the rightful host of the next OIC Heads of State and Governments Summit.

The Gambia is hosting the OIC Summit on behalf of the Africa block of the OIC member countries. Every single member of the Africa group as well as the general membership is rock-solid in support of The Gambia’s bid to host the summit.

There can be no decisions about the fate of the summit without the involvement of The Gambia. Thus far, nothing has changed in respect of the Islamic convergence taking place in The Gambia. 


On the strength of the above, any claims that The Gambia has lost her hosting rights are entirely unfounded and disingenuous. Thus, we encourage all and sundry to disregard such reports.