OJ tells Jammeh to keep quiet or else

OJ tells Jammeh to keep quiet or else


By Omar Bah

Former PPP leader Omar Jallow has warned former president Yahya Jammeh to zip his mouth and “stop causing chaos” in the country or he would have himself to blame for any consequences. 

Since the beginning of the 2021 presidential campaign, Jammeh abandoned his state of silence and has been making statements via telephone at GDC political rallies some of which have been condemned as hate speech.


Speaking at an NPP rally in Serekunda on Monday, Mr Jallow whose party is backing NPP’s President Adama Barrow who has been at the receiving end of Jammeh’s tongue lashing, said: “If Jammeh wants to end in peace, let him keep quiet and sit in peace. Otherwise he will go where he doesn’t want to go and I am not wishing that for him because I am his father and this is why I forgave him but if he doesn’t keep quiet, he has himself to blame for anything that befalls him.

“I want my child in Equatorial Guinea who is Yahya Jammeh to hear me calling him my child and that he should keep quiet. His father was a friend when I was in Bwiam in 1968. This is why when his father died, he came to me and I was the one who gave him a car and sent people with him to take the corpse from Banjul to Mayok. His father was buried in Mayok.

“Has he ever heard Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara speak at a PPP meeting when I was leader of the PPP and when Jawara was in England? When Sir Dawda returned to The Gambia, did we hear him speak at political meetings? Sir Dawda wrote a letter to say he has given his position in the party to me because I could do the job. Yahya Jammeh has the likes of Fabakary Tombong Jatta, Rambo Jatta, Yankuba Colley, and Dodou Jah among others. They stood by him when he was here and outside. God has ended his leadership in The Gambia yet he continues say things that can bring chaos in The Gambia,” OJ chastised.

Assured victory

Mr Jallow told President Barrow that the people of Serekunda will vote for him.

“I also want to urge those who are supporting the UDP to look at their choice very well because Barrow is a very disciplined person and we know Darboe had attempted for 22 years to be president but he couldn’t and Barrow was able to do that within three months. When he was elected president, he released Darboe from prison and appointed him foreign minister and gave him all the respect he deserved. Now I do not know what Darboe wants? I think he lacks faith in God,” OJ said.

Also addressing the meeting, President Adama Barrow said this weekend’s election is principally going to be a battle between him and his political godfather Ousainu Darboe and that he will emerge victorious.

NRP leader Hamat Bah said those who intend to cause chaos in the country will be dealt with.

“The president will use all the laws and all the powers vested in him to maintain stability and security in The Gambia and there will be no sacred cows,” the tourism minister warned.