On government’s expenditure: time to cut spending


When in 2017 the Barrow-led Government took office, citizens were told that the national coffers were almost empty due to the mismanagement, embezzlement of or stealing which was rampant during the previous government. Thus, we were told that the government wished to cut spending and put austerity measures in place to ensure that we recover our economic status.

However, since then we have observed a spending spree on the part of the government which is evinced by the fact that the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs has told the National Assembly that in the past six months alone, the government had spent over two hundred and thirty million dalasis on travel alone.

The spending habit of the Barrow Government is not proportionate to our level of economic situation. How can a government that is calling for austerity measures keep spending so lavishly as if it has a bottomless pocket? The strange thing is that anytime someone points out the needs – very genuine ones – in the country, government and its supporters keep reminding us of the fragile nature of the economy.


It is thus unacceptable to be complaining about a poor economy when citizens demand that drugs and equipment be bought for the health sector but travel extensively at a cost which could have solved the problem in our hospitals, schools and other essential areas.

The Government of President Adama Barrow should put mechanisms in place to cut spending in order to enable our economy recover.