On the passing of Suruwa Jaiteh and Mamour Jobe


It was unbelievably shocking to hear the death of the Inspector General of the Gambia Police Force, Mamour Jobe. Mamour’s TRRC appearance was only a week ago; a testimony that has been fresh in people’s minds throughout the days that followed.

He appeared before the truth commission chiefly to provide basic information on how the police keep their diaries, as the commission continues to probe into the 2005 migrant massacre in The Gambia.

But that memory turned into a painful reminder after his passing on Saturday at Medicare Clinic.


For the last four decades, Mamour was an important pillar in restructuring the country’s police force, especially in the brief time he took over from his immediate predecessor Kinteh.

Mamour was known to have had an open-door policy, inviting ideas and suggestions to make the police better and more professional. From those generally considered critics of the police to ordinary admirers, Mamour ensured a frictionless relationship between the police and civilians.

As he was laid to rest yesterday and tributes continue to pour in, our thoughts and prayers are with his family in these trying times. He will sorely be missed! 

Meanwhile, another unforgettable icon, Suruwa B Wawa Jaiteh, passed away Saturday evening in Bakau. Mr Jaiteh was a remarkable human being who dedicated his life to public service. He was once permanent secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Aside from being a development consultant, Suruwa was an agronomist and a rice specialist who, for years through the pages of Standard Newspaper, wrote extensively on soil management, rice and food security.

Tireless and smart, Suruwa was a regular contributor to this paper, astutely writing insightful articles on democracy in The Gambia and the dynamics of global politics. We will miss his contributions. May Allah give his family the fortitude to bear the loss.