Letters to the Editor : Open letter to President Barrow


Your remarks against Hon.Sidia Jatta were unnecessary and undemocratic. You are picking up a fight with the wrong guy. Stop creating enemies for yourself especially with people who have high regards for you. Using the issue of old age to call for Sidia’s retirement is rather unfortunate and contradictory.

Was it not the removal of age limit in politics your first priority when you came into office in 2017?

Do you remember you government legislated for the scrapping of age limit in politics which enabled both Ousainu Darboe and Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang to become vice president? If Jatta should retire, then so should your current vice-president and right-hand man Musa Drammeh who in fact served in the first republic as a PPP MP in Sandu. Drammeh has not retired and he won’t hesitate to take the position of vice president in the next cabinet if offered.


Mr President, one distinct doctrine of the PDOIS leadership is that they don’t use their platforms to taunt rival politicians. They have maintained this principle overtime. This is called political maturity. And so, there’s no history of bad-blood between any president and Hon. Jatta.

In 2017, you were all out campaigning for Jatta and heaped huge praises on him and how he is an asset to the people of Wuli and the Gambia at large. What have changed within short a period of time?

I would you Mr President to stick to policies and programmes and stay away from these political Shenanigans and tomfoolery. It will be counterproductive for you in the long run.

Infact if I were you, I wouldn’t have put up a candidate against Sidia Jatta in Wuli unless you are advocating for an ALL-NPP PARLIAMENT’. Every serious government needs a viable and strong opposition to keep them on their toes at all times. That’s the first step in the propagation and consolidation of democracy and good governance. To sustain the democratic gains, political maturity must be introdu by the stakeholders starting with the president.