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By Lamin Cham

About 15 politicians, including former presidential aspirants and party leaders who backed President Barrow and his NPP in last December’s election, have now returned to their various individual political entities and parties where they will be able to contribute their “quota to nation building”.

The Standard understood that the group held an inaugural meeting in Bijilo Saturday.


An interim executive committee will soon be put in place comprising the leader of the Gambia Alliance for National Unity, Sheikh Tijan Hydara, Dr Amadou Kanteh, Papa Faal, Momodou Bah 2 and Malick Camara, all of them former presidential aspiants. It also includes the founder of Gambia Action Party Musa Yali Batchilly, Baboucarr Jeng, a former KM mayoral aspirant among others.

Another political party and former presidential aspirants who supported the NPP are in consultation but are yet to confirm their participation in the partnership.

 ”We have no regrets in supporting Mr Barrow in the last election because we were convinced that at the time, he was the best candidate. We still hold him in esteem respect and thank him for a very good working relationship. We believe in his humility. What we are simply doing now is to return to our various political entities and possibly, we will come together to form a political alliance that would continue to participate in Gambian politics. Our responsibility was to help Barrow win the election to continue work he started during his first tenure. Now that that is successfully completed, it is time for us to go back to our various political bases and continue working towards nation building. We wish to seize this opportunity to thank our various supporters, who despite everything joined us and voted with us,” a statement from the group said.