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Opposition should support Jammeh’s vision 2016

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Politics is a matter of personal and collective interests to people or individuals engaged in the sector. Politics is campaigning, supporting and convincing electorates that a particular party is the best and only way forward for The Gambia and Gambians.

National development is and should be a collective responsibility. Every patriotic, development-oriented citizen should endeavor to at least contribute one way or the other towards sustainable   economic development. Thus for any country to develop, all hands must be on deck irrespective of party affiliations, cultural and social values.

The recent calls made by APRC bigwigs in support of Jammeh’s vision 2016 rice self-sufficiency agenda are a positive. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a supporter of the ruling APRC. This is about national development and the pursuit of goals for a greater and independent Gambia. We all want to live a comfortable and independent life and there is no reasonable doubt that president Jammeh’s vision 2016 food self-sufficiency initiative will go a long way in attaining the much desired and needed goal. If The Gambia government under the charismatic leadership of President Jammeh achieves this objective of making The Gambia independent while ensuring the well being of every Gambian by driving away hunger and poverty from our land, then everybody wins.    

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My message to opposition parties who of late, have shown their lack of hope and trust is that, if they truly want development and progress for this country as they claimed, then they need no preaching towards accepting this positive and laudable initiative set for the benefit of all. They should stop behaving like a bull in a China shop whenever our national goals are postulated with optimism. I am no APRC supporter, in fact I support no party in The Gambia but I support this initiative. I want the best for my country. I want to see, like Jammeh and his supporters, the country’s sustainable development. As a youth, I am committed to this initiative so badly because sooner rather than later, our precarious lives will change for the better. My ardent hope is that this letter will encourage the opposition to review their stand and change their ideas and beliefs in support of this life-changing initiative. 

Finally, we must believe that the government is making the best efforts of which it is capable to uplift living standards. We should therefore support them, back them and stand with them with one voice for the attainment of  our collective aims and interests that will shape the destiny of our land. I rest my case.

Ousman Sonko,

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Gambians have spoken


Dear editor,

I write to express thanks to patriotic Gambians and non-Gambians who converged on Banjul yesterday in potent protest against the naked imperialism of the European Union.

It goes without saying that the EU have no rights whatsoever to foist on the decent government and people of The Gambia the nasty act of homosexuality. Despite our relative weakness against such global powers we shall fight to the death to defend our principles and beliefs without fear.

The EU is one of the biggest violators of human rights in the world with their indifference towards the colossal loss of young African lives in European waters. The EU has` the technological and financial wherewithal to stop those deaths yet leave Africans to die in such tragic circumstances.

Musa Konteh 

UTG, Brikama


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