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Organisation intensifies campaign against drugs

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By Fatou Saho

Sinchu Wuri village is the second community to be sensitised by Combating Drug in Africa Gambia Chapter, a leading organisation in the fight against drugs.

Held on Tuesday, the sensitisation organised in partnership with the area’s councillor and other concerned groups  centred on drug related issues and its devastating effects. The use of drugs causes thousands of deaths every year worldwide.

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The country coordinator for Combating Drugs in Africa Chapter, Lamin Jammeh urged the residents of Sinchu Wuri to support them build a community free from drugs.

“We want to bring effective changes that will eliminate the usage of drugs,” he said.

Councillor Bakary Canteh said Sinchu Wuri is a “hideout” for drug users. He said the community of over 2,000 residents needs such crucial interventions.

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“The police have confirmed three murder cases and high crime rate in Sinchu Wuri which is alarming and called for urgent action because majority of these cases are due to the abuse of alcohol and illicit drug,” he said.

Omar Jammeh, the station officer for Sanyang Hybrid, threatens serious actions against anyone found wanting of using illicit drugs.

Banna Jatta, a child welfare officer from (DLEAG), said most of the crimes recorded are drug related. “Marijuana is no longer the trend, now they have shifted to the likes of Gina Bass and Na Gaw amongst others. These are the most powerful and the most used drugs in the country. If they take these drugs, they can easily commit murder or even sleep with their mothers,” she said.

A representative from the regional health directorate, Mustapha Sima, said the use of illegal drugs and alcohol has consequences on health.

“It causes cancer, TB and infertility. It can as well bring complication for women during child birth,” he said.

He appealed to young people to desist from using drugs.

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