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Ousainou Darboe Minister of Foreign Affairs Leader of United Democratic Party

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To his supporters, he is an incarnation of the spirit of Madiba himself and some of them actually call him Mandela. Ousainou Darboe, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and leader of the United Democratic Party, demonstrated this grandness of spirit earlier this week in an address to his party supporters at a congress in the United Kingdom.


The veteran lawyer stated: “We must not allow extreme negative militancy and overzealousness, unmeasured language and actions stand in the way of promoting the virtues of the United Democratic Party. Therefore, we expect that those who truly respect and belong to the UDP be mindful of how they communicate especially through the social media…

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“Our rule is we ensure that all our communications no matter what platform we may use are driven and guarded by caution, sensitivity and modest language which is factual, relevant and tactfully put across. The leadership of the UDP will not allow negative and undemocratic language and actions undermine its credibility…


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“Let me make it very clear that the UDP leadership does not and will not tolerate nor support anyone within the party that attempts to bring the party into disrepute. It’s imperative that as a party, we are well organised and disciplined.


“This must be underpinned by all of us upholding democratic virtues of a democratic party. Let me conclude and reiterate the membership of the UDP is opened to all Gambians. In that spirit, I further implore you, the members of this chapter, to welcome and make comfortable those who want to join our great party.”


For this very edifying comments, Ousainou Darboe has been selected The Politician of The Week for the final week of November 2017.

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