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Over 32,952 people are affected by floods in Gambia

By Aisha Tamba

Nearly 33,000 people across the country have been affected by severe floods, the National Disaster Management Agency recent situation report update revealed.

Floods are the most common hazards in the country that have affected the livelihoods of the population especially in the western part of the country.

Early warning information and forecast from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) predicts a very likely to be normal to above normal in the country for the 2020 rainy season.

However, the prediction indicates above normal rains in many parts of the country annually with 1000mm in the Western Sector of the country. A range of 800 – 950mm of rainfall are likely over the rest of the country.

The new NDMA situation report revealed that 61,656 people from 3,391 households are affected by hazards of disaster like flash floods, windstorms, bush fire and domestic fire.

According to the situation report, the affected population has increased by 19% from SITREP 003.

The report indicated that 27,177 people are affected by windstorm, 32,952 people are affected by floods, 1,334 people are affected by domestic fire, 193 affected by bush fire.

13,751 people are internally displaced, 10,503 damages on shelter.

Out of the 3,391 households are affected nationwide, 59% of the affected household population are in the western part of the country and the remaining 38% are in the eastern part of the country.

Most households in the Western part of the country are affected by floods and in the eastern part, most households are affected by windstorm.

Officials said, NDMA structures have been engaged on rapid assessments to ascertain the magnitude of damages by disasters and to identify coping strategies of affected households.

“The West Coast Regional Coordination Office also partner with stakeholders to do some demolishing exercises of illegal structures causing disasters such as floods in some parts of the region affecting lives and livelihoods.

Due to disaster outbreaks, losses of food items were recorded in all the Local Government Areas of the country except in Banjul. 75 households recorded loss of food items due to Fire outbreaks, 868 due to floods and 618 due to windstorm.”

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