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Pa Boy reacts to German lady’s false marriage accusations

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After being slammed with accusations of swindling his German wife of over 4000 Euros and other possessions, Pa Boy Mendy told The Standard that the allegations of extortion against him have been engendered by jealousy and inferiority complex on the part of the Deutsch lady.

Mendy on Tuesday walked into The Standard offices to react to the accusations against him that he lured a German woman into a false marriage.
The lady in question is now claiming from him 4,000 Euros and other valuables that she claimed to have given him over the course of their close to five months relationship.
But in a conversation with this medium, Mendy said he was deeply troubled by the allegations against him. According to him, the lady has been “unjustifiably jealous, bullish and she lacks self-confidence”.

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He said Kornelia was on a smear campaign because there was no justification for her to put him on trial through the media as the possessions she said she was trying to recover from him were insignificant.

“All what she left here are just a generator, a fridge, two mobile phones, an electric kettle and it was only D3000 that we invested in our wedding,” he clarified.
He pointed out that the money that the lady is claiming has been in fact spent by herself during their shopping trips.

“She was the one spending the money. We will go for shopping and she would ask me what and what I want and she would buy them. The money was all in her custody. I was only a beneficiary,” he added.
Mendy also told The Standard that the allegations that he was married to another woman are false.

“I’ve never been married to another woman in my entire life and she [Kornelia] was my first wife. It is a big surprise to me when I heard that she said I was married but I believe it’s bad elements trying to make her believe that I was married. If I try to do that then Justice ministry will not be doing their work,” he explained.
He finally challenged Kornelia to come over to The Gambia “so that the justice ministry may clear whatever doubt there may be about my marital status.”

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