Papa Njie to run for KMC Mayor


Mohamadou Musa Njie commonly known as Papa Njie has announced he will run for Mayor of the KMC.
He declared his intention to run for the hotseat back in May and is now joined by Bakary Badjie’s.
Njie was born in 1969 to the late Aja Aisha Conteh and Alhagi Musa Njie, a well known businessman in the Gambia.

He currently serves as the Founding Director of Youth Empowerment through Education and Sports Foundation (YETES) where he partners with organizations such as UNESCO, the US embassy and other local NGOs to provide educational support and skills training for young Gambians, while uncovering hidden talents in the area of sports.

He also serves as the Executive Director of Global Education Center which focuses on providing technical support for students applying for scholarships to study abroad.
Since 2016, Papa has served as the Project Coordinator of the UNESCO – EU Media and Journalists Capacity Building Project, and is responsible for coordinating and implementing a 35 million dalasis EU funded and UNESCO implemented media capacity build project for Gambian Journalists. Papa holds the role of the President of the Gambia Basketball Association, and Chairs the GNOC Education and Culture Commission.