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Paramount Chief says visit to Barrow not political


paramount chief

By Mafugi Ceesay

Paramount Chief Momodou Bojang has told The Standard that the recent visit of district chiefs to State House was not for political reasons, adding that it was meant to discuss national interest.
Speaking at his residence in Sukuta, the paramount chief said they sought audience with the president purely for governance purpose and for him to get acquainted with them since he has not met them since coming to power. He also revealed that as traditional leaders they have a role to implement the government’s agenda especially in preserving customary laws and peace at community levels.

Chief Bojang said they also told Barrow that government should consider assisting the chiefs with mobility to ease movement from place to place within their districts.
He added that they also asked the president Barrow to provide them with a traditional courtroom which he said is very important for the smooth running of their work.
The Paramount chief added that the chiefs have been reduced to nothing in the past 22 years, saying the former president would only engage them for his political gains.


On the 3 or 5-year term debate
Chief Bojang said he naturally did not want to be dragged into partisan political issues but he knows for sure that the mandate of an elected President expires every five years and not three.
“We have a law which is the mother and father of this country so when you and I or group of people makes an agreement, that is an agreement aside but that cannot become the law,” he said.

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