PDOIS NAM speaks on pick-up cars


By Lamin Cham

Amid speculations on social and other online media alleging that National Assembly members of PDOIS have rejected the Pick-Ups presented to the Assembly by government for use by members, The Standard yesterday sought clarification from Swaebou Touray the PDOIS NAM for Wuli East.

According to Hon Touray, the PDOIS as a party, have not met over the issue of the cars. “But in the first place no one among us has yet been called to pick up any cars and therefore there is nothing to be said about them. However as an individual, I will be happy with a situation when I know the source of the cars and under what condition are they being given. Is it a loan partially or fully? I think it is only when one establishes these facts that one can make a decision as to whether to go for it or not,” Hon Touray opined.


He further observed that it will be absolutely important for one to know the source of anything that is been given and by which authority so that one will not engage in anything that will hurt one’s character or reputation in future. ”You must have been following the current commission where people are being asked what authority they got to do things they are alleged to have done,” he said.

However according to Hon Touray, if the vehicles are from an approved government budget meant for use by NAMs that will be perfect because in that case, they will not belong to anyone forever but a property of the Assembly to be used by anyone who becomes a NAM after every five years.

“I know for sure that the APRC government’s last approved budget contains a provision of vehicles to be bought for district chiefs. But in this revised budget that we approved vehicles are there but the targeted beneficiaries are no longer chiefs, although it is not also stated whether they are now for NAMs,” Hon Touray said.
He concluded by stressing that it will be left to the individual to make his or her decision when all the facts are known about them.
He stressed: “What I have just told you is my opinion.”