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Peace Ambassadors end seminar on peace building, decision-making for students

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By Olimatou Coker

Peace Ambassadors – The Gambia (PAG) recently completed a day’s seminar on peace building and decision-making for 50 youth committees of the West Coast Region.

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Saamasang Youth and Foni Bintang Youth Committees were few of the youth groups that took part in the seminar.

Staged at the West Coast Region Governor’s office, the seminar was funded by UNFPA under its Peace Building Fund project.

Orgamisers have plans to take the seminar to parts of Greater Banjul and in Upper River Region to engage youths on issues affecting them and find solutions to these issues.

Bubacarr Sambou, PAG president, said their focus since their formation has always been on peace building because they know “without peace nothing can work”.

Sambou noted the objective of the organisation is to develop skills and leadership potentials of young people while ensuring their maximum participation in national and international development initiatives.

“We believe young people are the engine of every development,” he stated, saying young people are capable but only if they are given the chance.

He furthered that once young people realise their potentials, they will not hesitate to take on tasks given to them.

He explained that is why these trainings are being conducted, “so that they will be vibrant in society”.

“We should not ignore the happenings of today thinking that tomorrow is ours because if we ignore whatever is happening today it will undermine our future.

If we leave the decisions of our future to be made for us by others excluding us then the future we are creating is an uncertain one since it is not us who make those decisions.”

Fabakary Sanneh, regional youth chairperson for West Coast, highlighted the importance of the training and described peace “as a catalyst for development”.

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