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City of Banjul
Monday, April 15, 2024


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Several gobelets several people, 

so many noises

The loudest voice was 

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full of air and tears

Of the sorry state they were

Dancing and clenching their fist

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Raw anger though not 

venomous to the enemy

They drank, dance and 

foretell the future

Of the one given and 

the life that will come

As white as the thing in 

the gobelet full to the brim

They drank to forget and to 

remember to reflect

 The wife waited patiently for the 

drowsy fellow to steal into the house

 The door closed once 

more till the cock crows

 They met again and they drank

 Real men try this white yet hot 

water to appease the women

 Charged and hungry they are 

lost and in a state of lust

  They babble words yet they 

drank and emptied the cups

   The newly-married woman on 

her toes to stop the party

  At the place where they drink their fresh one

  They tap, tap, in the morning 

and tap it in the eve.


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