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Police chase weed-smoking driver into Bakau mob

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By Alagie Manneh

A dramatic car chase between a Mercedes Benz driver and a handful of men believed to be drug law enforcers on Pick-Up truck ended in the bumpy streets of Bakau Farokono last evening.
The high-speed chase ended after the suspect, who the officers accused of smoking weed while driving, attempted but failed to maneuver his vehicle through the bumpy Farokono feeder road.
A huge commotion then ensued attracting huge crowd of onlookers as the suspect resisted arrest.
The standoff lasted close to 30 minutes before the officers struggled to put the lone suspect in handcuffs at the back of the truck.

One of the officers told The Standard: “We tried several times, including horning him constantly to stop but he wouldn’t listen. He was driving recklessly and could have even killed someone.”
However, an eyewitness alleged that the suspect was “ruffled” and “beaten” by the arresting officers.
As the officers took off with the suspect, an angry crowd booed them and some could be heard shouting, “we don’t need you witches here.”
The suspect’s car was wrecked in the chase and remained stranded on the feeder road.

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