By Lamin Cham

Superintendent Lamin Njie confirmed yesterday that the police have opened and expanded investigations into the brutal murder of a young girl in Busumbala Wednesday and the suspected suicide of a man.

“We are not leaving out or ruling out anything. A full panel has been set up to look into this and all information received will be diligently analysed in search of a lead and solving the crime. All details of the crime scene have been taken and recorded,” he said.


Asked if the police are aware of the widespread notion that both may have been victims of a killer or killers on the run, Njie said: ”Unlike the public and the media, the police cannot engage in speculation. We will have to come out with tangible evidence or credible lead to discount or confirm any theory”.

Following the emergence on social media of gory images of the murdered girl, many people began to speculate that something is missing in the puzzle.

Commenting on the images, police PRO Njie condemned the taking and sharing of such graphic pictures online as inhumane and insensitive. “It is very sad that people can get callous to that level without showing any sympathy or respect to the victims or their families,” he said.

Njie added that the public must desist from taking Facebook live images of accident scenes or taking photos of gruesome accidents or murder victims to share online.