Police on alert for foreign commercial drivers

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By Alagie Manneh

The Gambia police are still on alert mode in its campaign to rid the Gambian roads of foreign commercial drivers.

Deputy police spokesperson, Inspector Alieu Jamanka said yesterday that the police are “watching” and asked to remain “vigilant”.


In May, the police announced a ‘special traffic enforcement’ to crackdown on use of commercial vehicles by foreign nationals, citing public safety and a presidential declaration banning the use of commercial vehicles by foreigners.

“Foreigners are not allowed to drive commercial vehicles. We are banking on section 30 of the Motor Traffic Act to stop the use of commercial vehicles by foreigners,” Inspector Jamanka reiterated.

He said the police have been on alert since announcing the crackdown last month, and have made arrests.

“There is no special operation that is launched to curb the issue,” he said, “but we are watching, and we are so vigilant. We are very serious about the issue. Foreigners are not allowed to drive commercial vehicles. As such, we will not relent in making sure we put a stop to it”.

Inspector Jamanka added that it is the prerogative of the police to seize any licence that is acquired illegally. “When such licence is seized, the magistrate has powers to punish under section 90 of the Motor Traffic Act”.

He added: “Few people have been caught [since the operation started] and they may have been taken to court. It is an everyday operation. The traffic officers are trained and they know what they have to do. Everyday, traffic officers are on the watch for such cases, and to maintain traffic laws.” 

Announcing the operation last month, the police said it forms part of Operation Road Safety, a programme initiated to curb road traffic accidents.