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Police question Mamma Kandeh

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Officers of the police Crime Investigation Unit (CIU) on Tuesday questioned opposition leader Mamma Kandeh before allowing him to go home.
Momodou Jallow, the public relations officer of the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) told this newspaper last night that the police quizzed Mr Kandeh about statements he made on the political platform, particularly at Essau, during a recent “thank you tour” of the country in which he accused the new government ministers of alleged malfeasance of loans they contracted on behalf of the government.

He said the police wanted Mr Kandeh to substantiate the allegations and provide details. However, the GDC spokesman said his party leader told the police that it was outside their remit to question him about “political statements made on a political platform”. He said Mr Kandeh told the police that he would willingly take on his political adversaries in a public debate about his statements which he stood by but that it was not the business of the police.

“He pointed it out to them that it was unfair of them to invite him for questioning when they had not invited the Interior minister and the Information minister on ‘alleged’ false statements they made with regard to the Kanilai protest and the death of protester, Haruna Jatta. In the end, the police had to allow him to leave,” PRO Jallow said.
The Standard tried to contact the police spokesman the whole of yesterday to get his reaction to this story without success.

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