Police rescue Ba-Kawsu’s disciples taken hostage by rival Imam Saidy’s camp in Tujereng

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By Alagie Manneh

Several disciples of Muslim cleric and imam, Ba Kawsu Fofana, captured in Tujereng Sunday after clashes broke out between them and the followers of controversial Islamic teacher, Musa Saidy have been rescued by police.

In a viral video in which the captives were lined up, a visibly annoyed Mr Saidy could be heard yelling and shouting that the captured disciples were sent to attack him at his base in Tujereng. He further alleged that the men were six including the driver, who took to his heels as clashes broke out between the two camps. Mr Saidy said that they have captured some of the supposed attackers.


But according to police spokesperson Cadet ASP Binta Njie, Ba Kawsu’s men were out on a mediation talk to broker peace between the sides when clashes broke out.

ASP Njie said that the captured disciples were “rescued by the police from Mr Saidy’s house and they are no longer in his custody.”

She added that no arrests have so far been made as the police continue to probe the matter. “They are taking statements from both parties to ensure they establish the fact of the matter. So for now, the report is not yet out, they are just taking statements.”

The police couldn’t confirm how many people might have gotten injured in the clashes, but said that three disciples were rescued.  

Contacted for comments, Imam Ba Kawsu declined to comment on the matter, referring The Standard to an audio he said explained the entire issue in detail. In one of the audios, one of his disciples could be heard vowing that unless the insults emanating from the Saidy camp stop, the Sunday incident might be followed by another.

 Imam Musa Saidy has often been in conflict with Ba Kawsu and other clerics who accused him of insulting them in his preaching. Imam Saidy has always denied that he ever insulted anybody.