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Police to enforce social distancing, wearing of face masks as Covid-19 spikes

Press release

Considering the worrisome trajectory of the third (3rd) wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, The Government of The Gambia hereby reminds the public of the Order by the Minister of Health on social distancing and compulsory wearing of face masks effective the 8th March 2021. The Regulation remains valid and shall be reinforced as of this Saturday 17th July 2021.

All persons in public places shall wear face masks at all times. By this Order, a “public place” includes any road, highway or premises that the public is permitted to access.

All drivers of motor vehicles and operators of ferries, boats or vessels shall ensure that all passengers wear face masks before boarding their vehicles, ferries, boats or vessels.  All person intending to travel across The River Gambia and other navigable water bodies must wear facemasks from the crossing points onwards.

All owners or managers of public places or private premises and shops that are accessible to the public shall ensure that persons entering such premises wear face masks.

Area Councils and Municipal Authorities shall ensure that persons entering markets in their respective localities wear face masks.

Exceptions to this Regulation: children under the age of two (2) years, those who cannot independently put on or remove a facemask; persons with medical conditions that make it difficult to wear face masks and persons who are hearing impaired or need visibility of the mouth for essential communication are exempted from wearing face masks.

The police shall enforce the social distancing and compulsory wearing of face masks across all regions of The Gambia and those who violate this Order are liable to pay a fine of one thousand (D1000) Gambian Dalasis.

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