Policeman arrested for alleged rape

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By Tabora Bojang

A police sergeant has been arrested for allegedly raping a 22-year-old woman, who had gone to the Bijilo beach for a Sunday beach party.  

The officer, identified as Mamoud Sarjo, is currently in custody, interdicted and facing charges of rape.


According to a police statement, the sergeant vacated his post and embarked on a self-assigned duty at the sea front near the Bijilo Monkey Park where he had an encounter with a group of boys and girls on a beach party on Sunday.

“The startled [frightened] group took to their heels, but he [Sergeant Mamoud Sarjo] got hold of and allegedly raped one of them who is a 22-year-old girl. He was arrested by the Police Intervention Unit guards at the seafront who took him to the Senegambia police station where he was charged and detained.”

 According to the police, the victim was taken to the hospital for a thorough medical investigation which confirmed penetration.

“The Office of the IGP frowns and condemns this act in totality and wish to inform the General public that necessary actions will be taken to hold the perpetrator accountable for his gruesome act and that the safety and security of Gambians and residents of The Gambia remains top priority of the Police,” the police assured.

The incident sparked an uproar in the country where cases of sexual violence against women and girls are becoming common.