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PPI highlights delay of anti-corruption commission

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The Public-Private Integrity, PPI, a Gambian registered anti-corruption civil society organization, has joined the world in celebrating Anti-Corruption Day under the theme: Uniting the world against corruption.

In a statement signed by Michael O. Davies, Executive Director shared with The Standard, PPI said while the Government of The Gambia has fallen behind in establishing an anti-corruption commission that could exploit the use of incarceration, investigative and prosecuting efforts to fight corruption over the past ten years have raised several questions about the political will of the executive branch, the judiciary and civil servants to fight corruption in The Gambia.

 PPI added that the shortcomings have further questioned whether The Gambia could make a more aggressive attempt to use effective preventive tools aimed at pursuing ill-gotten gains, as in the case of the Janneh Commission decisions, which was subjected to judiciary review that resulted in setting aside some of the commission’s decisions. For this reason, PPI has continued dialogue with officials to introduce urgent reform of corruption prevention systems in The Gambia.

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The statement went on: “In this regard, PPI’s work has largely focused on reviewing the implementation of anti-corruption mechanisms and conducting workshops, with PPI in the lead-up to providing a range of training programs to improve key information on GoTG’s anti-corruption efforts. On a political level, PPI would like to encourage the GoTG to complete second cycle UNCAC Implementation Review Mechanism (IRM), enact the Anti-Corruption Act of Parliament, establish a National Anti-Corruption Commission and a special Anti-Corruption Court, which should be at the forefront to accelerate anti-corruption prevention in the next calendar year. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of UNCAC and the 10th anniversary of GoTG’s anti-corruption efforts, PPI firmly believes that the concerted efforts of all stakeholders to fight corruption at all levels in The Gambia will continue without interruption. Only through continued partnership and political will can the scourge of corruption be fought”.

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