By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the People’s Progressive Party has called on President Adama Barrow to start the reparations with members of the PPP who were the first victims of the junta.

In a Standard exclusive over the weekend, Kebba Jallow said the government’s overwhelming acceptance of the TRRC recommendations demonstrated President Barrow’s promise to ensure justice is done.


“By looking at the government White Paper, nobody feels offended. We believe that the president will think seriously as PPP members were the first victims of the AFPRC regime. So we are calling on President Barrow to first settle the victims from PPP, many of whom have died, sick or at advanced age. These are not only former ministers; there are former permanent secretaries, directors and ambassadors who served this country since Independence,” he added.

He said PPP has suffered horribly under the AFPRC regime. “We have lost our properties. We cannot do anything about the lives that were lost but their family members are here who need to be compensated,” he urged. “Our party has assets all over the country which were seized from us when the AFPRC overthrew our government. President Barrow should take the initiative and use his executive power to release those assets and compensate the party. 

Both the Jammeh and Barrow governments benefit from PPP’s seized assets. I don’t think that is advisable for the president to continue doing that. We want compensation and the return of our assets. Period,” he said.