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PPP steps in to solve CRR, LRR ice scarcity

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By Mafugi Ceesay

The PPP has recently delivered 15 freezers and 43 bags of sugar to the people of Central River Region South and North, West Coast, Lower River Region and Upper River Region and Niumi.

The beneficiary communities are Foni Bullock, Kiang Kaiaf, Jarra Soma, Japineh, Brikamaba, Brikama-nding, Kaur, Dingerin, Foni Sintet, Njau among others.

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According to Kebba Jallow, PPP leader, the idea emanated from a ‘thank you tour’ to these communities after the congress and during this visit, all the communities expressed interest in freezers since having cold water is nightmares and Ramadan was just at the corner.

“So, upon returning we decided to help in their request not only to provide cold water but also they could use the freezers for business and have some earning for themselves.

“Some of the communities wanted chairs and tents to rent it out but we said that can be done later and soon as we came back, we started scouting for freezers and we will be sending chairs and tents to communities and the party also came up with the idea of providing scholarship for children whose parents cannot provide it.

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We want the ‘Tesito’ back to make sure that people help themselves, which PPP came to be successful at. It’s just about bringing back what the party lost, in community development and community involvement and community assistance. We cannot sit in the Kombos and complain about the government, and if you complain about the government what have you done for the people?” PPP leader charged. 

Jainaba Bah, National Women President who headed the delegation echoed that these were promises made by the party leader during his countrywide tour as the communities visited complained that the areas are super warm and no electricity and as a result, they will be needing freezers and sugar in the month of Ramadan.

“So through our women empowerment project called ‘Tessito’ we raised funds to rescue these communities, since that’s what we stand for.”

Sainey Jatta, Brikamaba, explained that they had a women’s group contributing among themselves to help in achieving many of their wishes until it became larger as other neighboring communities joined.

“So, it is these communities or groups that became PPP supporters and during the party leader’s visit, we asked him to support us with a freezer since ice is a nightmare in these communities as a result of lack of electricity. As you can see for yourself, I am taking a list of people interested to have ice. Anyone that comes I get their names and the amount they want which I collect the money and deliver to them as soon as the ice arrives from my sister in Serekunda. Having freezers and sugar is having dreams come true. I am selling per ice for D50 but others are selling it for more. Brikamaba is more than grateful for the two freezers and sugar from our party PPP, it will ease the burden on us women,” she said.

Demba Boye explained that they have electricity by 4:00pm and it goes by midnight and comes back at 4:00pm the following day.

“We complained about this but all that we get from Nawec is their machine is faulty. We are calling on the government to help us remedy the situation. We are really suffering here,” he said.

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