PPP still functioning despite a court order


By Alagie Manneh

The PPP executive led by Kebba Jallow are carrying on with their normal business of running the party despite a reported high court ruling restraining them from carrying out any activity in the name of the party.

According to an online news report, the high court issued a seven-day injunction restraining the leadership of the PPP from representing the party. The report stated that the court also ordered the IEC to cease dealing with any of the leaders of the party and upheld that the PPP cannot dismiss Fatoumata ‘Touma’ Njai from the party pending hearing and determination of a suit she brought against the party.


PPP leader Kebba Jallow said the party has not received any injunction order from the high court on the matter.

“I just returned about two hours ago [Monday evening] from Dakar. Nobody served me or the party anything. I have never seen any injunction regarding our party. I just heard it from somebody. You know I will never, ever go against a court injunction. We respect the rule of law but nobody in the PPP was served with any injunction. As head of the party, I know nothing about this – not even the court informed me about this. I don’t know when this purported judgement was passed,” he said. 

Mr Jallow said they are law-abiding citizens who will not disregard a court order.

“But we haven’t seen anything. Until I hear from the court, we are assuming that things are normal. We thought this matter has been addressed but if she’s gone to court, that’s something else. For me however, things are normal until we get something from the courts,” Mr Jallow concluded.