‘PPP will not contest December presidential election’


By Amadou Jadama

The interim leader of the People’s Progressive Party has revealed that his party will not contest in the forthcoming presidential election slated for December.

Kebba Jallow was speaking on the sidelines of the party’s biennial regional congress held at Brikama-ba on Saturday.


 Mr Jallow said the PPP is likely to back one of the presidential candidates, most likely President Barrow. “Since 2016, the PPP was a strong member of the coalition with other coalition partners but unfortunately some members left the coalition. But the PPP was very instrumental in making sure the coalition stayed strong. Even now, PPP has a minister in the government in James Gomez, and just recently, president Barrow appointed Papa Njie as Ambassador to Nigeria,” Jallow said.

Mr Jallow said the PPP has no reason to leave the coalition, adding that President Barrow was elected to ensure peace and stability of the country. “Personally, I benefited from the change Gambians effected because I was in exile for 22 years and could not come back to Gambia. So even if I don’t get anything at all, the peace brought about by the change is enough a great achievement,” he said.

Mr Jallow said PPP has a strong and impressive history and good track record in government and even now PPP supporters can be found in every village in The Gambia.

Omar Amadou Jallow, OJ, who played a leading role in keeping the party alive for the 22 years under former president Jammeh, recounted the many achievements recorded by the PPP in the formative years of the country.

The regional congresses would be followed by a national congress expected to take place in Brikama later this month.