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President Barrow receives diplomats across the globe

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State House, Banjul, 14th June 2022:

In a series of diplomatic engagements, His Excellency, Adama Barrow, President of the Republic of The Gambia, received Letters of Credence from five diplomats on Tuesday, 14th June 2022, at the State House, in Banjul.

Receiving the Letters, President Barrow conveyed his greetings, best wishes, and gratitude to the various Heads of State of the Republics of Guinea Bissau, Mexico, Hungary, Israel, and Rwanda, and congratulated the newly appointed diplomats.

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On bilateral matters, the Gambian leader shared fraternal sentiments, invoking the need for closer cooperation between The Gambia and its partners. Referring to the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) Agreement, President Barrow called on the diplomats to explore the trade possibilities and investments in agriculture, education, and technology.

On specific issues with Guinea Bissau, the President pledged to work through ECOWAS to bring stability to Bissau and improve on the challenges in the sub-region regarding terrorism and Unconstitutional Change of Government – UCG.

It is the first time the Republic of Mexico has a diplomatic representative in The Gambia, an opportunity the two countries are eager to exploit and make the best use of the available options for their mutual interests.

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Regarding the relationship with the Republic of Hungary, economic relations are a vital mutual interest to boost cooperation in trade, education, and tourism. President Barrow described the opportunity Hungary avails as timely, considering the conflicts around the world.

Regarding the State of Israel, He expressed a similar sentiment, saying The Gambia shares a mutual interest in irrigation farming and values democratic principles.

Meanwhile, President Barrow described Rwanda as a role model in Africa and that The Gambia could learn from it, especially by sharing experiences in using technology for development. He seized the moment to express that it is an excellent achievement for Africa to host the upcoming Commonwealth Heads of State and Government Summit (CHOGM), saying ”President Kagame will represent the interest of Africa at the CHOGM 2022 Meeting in Rwanda.”

The Bissau Guinean Ambassador to the Republic of The Gambia, H.E Luis Domingo Camara de Barros, discussed the 2008 signed agreement between the two countries and expressed interest in its implementation for the mutual interest of the two people.

The Mexican Ambassador, H.E Enrique Ernesto Escorza Zamudio, said he looked forward to transforming relations between his country and The Gambia. He admired the civility and democracy in The Gambia and described it as an example to the world, having followed the Presidential elections of 4th December 2021. Ambassador Zamudio highlighted possible areas of cooperation, such as migration and climate change, in working towards realising the Paris Agreement.

The Hungarian Ambassador, Tamás Endre Fehér, is keen on pushing business investments in The Gambia, partnering and supporting Higher Education and tourism.

He also looks forward to a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate diplomatic engagements.Visiting Africa and The Gambia for the first time, he expressed upbeat, dispelling the negative image of Africa in the media.

The State of Israel diplomatic representative to The Gambia, H.E Ben Bourgel, said his country could partner in developing agriculture, irrigation, and water technology.

The Republic of Rwanda’s High Commissioner, H.E Jean-Pierce Karabaranga, said he was honoured that his Letter of Credence was accepted and that he already felt at home in The Gambia. He said he looks forward to strengthening bilateral cooperation and exploring opportunities in Air transport services.

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