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President Barrow travels — again!

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His Excellency President Adama Barrow leaves for Belgium today to attend the International Donor Conference. This is the latest among many trips that the president has undertaken outside the country. The traveling is become a common practice.

It is interesting to learn also that it is a donor conference that the president is attending. It seems that many African countries wish to entirely depend on donor agencies to run their governments. Africa will not move forward if we always depend on foreign countries to foot the bill of our development.

Whoever foots a bill will also decide what the focus should be and inasmuch as someone wants to help, s/he will only give that which is a surplus or that which they don’t need. In the area of our education, agriculture, health and other forms of development, we must begin to look inwards instead of totally relying on the West.

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We must seek to develop our own people and improve our services so that our people will have the required confidence to invest in the country. We must encourage our nationals who are outside to come and invest their money, knowledge and expertise in the country so that we will begin to generate money which will at least be a commencement for our needs.

Let us look inwards more and stop the total and complete reliance on foreign aid.

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