Protection of journalist


Of late, we have repeatedly seen journalists being assaulted while they are doing their work which is very important in a democracy. We keep talking about Freedom of Expression and that of the Press while the journalists do not feel safe in the country. This is fundamentally important as journalists inform the public on issues happening in the country.

Having Press Freedom and Freedom of Expression is one thing, but having the people working in this area safe and protected is equally important. Just like any other citizen, journalists have a right to be protected by the State particularly when they are in their line of duty.

The media is said to be the fourth estate in a democracy and therefore journalists having the freedom, space and courage to report on issues is of utmost importance. The government should therefore find ways of ensuring that journalists can do their work without let or hindrance in the country.


Reading the reports that a cameraman from EyeAfrica TV was assaulted at a meeting organized by teachers at Abuko over the weekend is deplorable, to say the least. We condemn this act in the strongest possible terms. The Barrow-led Government must work to ensure the safety of journalists in this new dispensation.