Qcell apologises after stormy response to post


GSM company Qcell had to come up with an apology after widespread negative comments over an ‘African proverb’ it posted on its social media page.

The proverb which reads ‘only a fool will test the depth of a river with both feets’ was widely perceived to have been a mockery of its competitors prompting an out pour of condemnations and complaints from customers.

The post was later deleted and followed by this apology: “We apologise for our previous post which has caused an uproar on social media today. We did not intend for such as we are not known to be engaging in the politics of throwing words. Every single customer we have is valued and has contributed to the success story of Qcell. This particular proverb has been posted a number of times on our page and we did not receive any negative feedback but now that the competitive climate has changed we understand the sensitivity of people. At QCell, we believe in tech innovation, offering sustainable packages and maintaining our status quo as a Gambian success story. Thank you and we appreciate your patronage always,” the company said.