Raffie Diab to contest Bakau seat for CA

Raffie Diab to contest Bakau seat for CA


By Tabora Bojang

Raffie Diab, an executive member of the Citizens’ Alliance has announced he will contest the Bakau parliamentary seat in the National Assembly elections scheduled for April 9.

Speaking to The Standard on his bid, Mr Diab said it would present a great opportunity to represent the people of Bakau and pledged to serve the people to the best of his ability if elected.


“I believe it is about time people of my calibre start getting into politics and stop complaining. Nobody is going to listen to us. The only way to effect proper change is to actually be in the system and I have no doubt that my contributions towards building of this country is to become a member of parliament where I will strongly advocate for the people of Bakau and also for the country and see how best we can move forward and change for the better,” he said outlined.

“I will not be a rubber stamp [lawmaker] because parliament should be there to advocate for people’s rights.

It should not be a rubber stamp by doing anything that the president wants. If voted, I will support laws that are envisaged to make big changes in Bakau in terms of anti-corruption laws and tourism development among others. I will be close to the people and I intend to have a surgery where the constituents will come and tell their problems for me to pursue for them,” he added.

Asked what connections he has with Bakau and his chances given the great loyalties of the people to parties like UDP and NPP, Diab replied: “I grew up in Pipeline which is part of the Bakau constituency. My mum is currently in Fajara and my office is also in Bakau. In fact, the person who raised me was in Bakau Katchikally where I always spent my weekends. I am also a registered voter in Bakau.

“Of course there are parties in Bakau but we [CA] love challenges, we have been written off since our inception and today we are one of the biggest parties. We don’t see challenges as obstacles and with the support I have right now, with my agenda and way of campaigning, I am very confident that we will win.”

Meanwhile, writing on his Facebook page, CA founder Dr Ismaila Ceesay said Mr Diab’s candidature will be endorsed.