Ramadan is here!


Muslims all over the world today begin the fast of the month of Ramadan. This is a month of prayer and reflection on the lives of the adherents of the Islamic religion. It is considered as a Holy Month during which believers are expected to exhibit high moral qualities and be particularly charitable.

As people keep fast from dawn to dusk, their needs in terms of food and drinks increase. So, there is always a boom in sales in the market. As a result of this, the businessmen/women sometimes tend to increase the cost of the basic commodities. At this time of the year, prices skyrocket and the poor find it difficult to meet their needs.

Other problems associated with the commencement of Ramadan are the health issues raised due to many people who fast spitting all over the place. It is mostly due to not knowing that one does not need to spit out every little amount of saliva. The religion of Islam puts great emphasis on cleanliness.


A word of caution may be passed that people who fast should be mindful not to keep spitting all over the place. This does not promote hygiene which is essential for our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

One who fast should always endeavour to render help to people who may need it. In fact, it is regarded as a great virtue to provide food and drink to a person who kept the fast. Generosity is therefore another aspect of Ramadan which fills it with blessings.

Ramadan also promotes peace as believers are strongly advised not to indulge in idle talk, backbiting, quarrel or to enter into fights. These blessings all make this month one that people always look forward to. We pray that we all reap the benefits and blessings of Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak!