By Omar Bah

The deputy spokesperson of the Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction has confirmed that Rambo Jatta has filed a police case against one Alagie Sanyang, a resident of Lamin and strong supporter of the APRC.

Sanyang, who is a leading voice in the APRC splinter group that is against the party executive’s plan to form an alliance with National People’s Party, alleged that Rambo Jatta who is also the APRC’s deputy leader, bribed him to “destroy” former Interior Minister M.A Bah.


Speaking in a recorded video circulating on social media, Mr Sanyang said: “I got a phone call from Rambo who said he wanted us to meet. But prior to his call, a different person called me and asked for my location. Then Rambo called, and I agreed to meet him at the Lamin Jah Oil petrol station and when I arrived, he told me: ‘You’re close to M.A Bah and Jerending Sanyang. Politics is about individual benefit. This Yahya Jammeh you’re all clamoring for will never set foot in The Gambia again. In fact, Yahya Jammeh is currently sick that’s why he’s not even talking anymore’.”

Sanyang also alleged that Rambo handed him D30, 000 cash on the spot promising to give him one million dalasis. He showed a stack of D200 notes in the video claiming to be the money Rambo gave him.

Rambo Jatta could not be reached on his phone. However, The Standard contacted the APRC deputy spokesperson Dodou Jah, who confirmed that the party is in receipt of the said video of Alagie Sanyang and that Rambo Jatta has since reported the matter to the police crime unit.

“The police said they will invite Alagie Sanyang to interrogate him to find out whether Rambo had called him or not. If they realise that he is lying, they will charge him. That is all for now. We understand Rambo gave his number to the police and they are struggling to get him on the phone,” he said.

Before going to press yesterday, The Standard managed to get Alagie Sanyang who confirmed that the police eventually got him and invited him to report at 9am this morning, Wednesday. He reiterated that he indeed received D30,000 from Rambo which he took to his colleague, Jerending.