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Re: CBG Governor says Gambia can’t continue to rely on foreign loans for dev’t

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The right direction to take is supporting the government’s development agenda to promote commercial agriculture, entrepreneurship and innovation and digitisation. We should be able to produce much of the food we eat and even export. I am happy to see the bank taking its developmental role seriously. I congratulate the Governor and his team.

Abdou Janha

A factual and inspiring speech about agriculture and manufacturing. I endorse his idea of creating a capital market to tap or mobilize financial resources to plough into national development.

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A realistic assessment of what ought to be done urgently to put the country on the path of economic growth and prosperity.

Commendable if the Government would take notice and implement them accordingly

Basiru Jobe

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Foreign loans have not had any impact on the lives of the masses, but more importantly it instead put large bulks in their accounts and made them to live in an extravagant and flamboyant lives at the expense of the 90% of the population who lives in extreme poverty. The main goal of government is to fully ensure exportation to alleviate the extreme suffering of its citizens. This can be only realised by taking charge and responsible lucrative governmental departments to deliver on the availability of the endowed natural resources available at hand instead of amassing those loans .

Abubacar Bah

From consumers to sustainable producers, empower the agricultural sectors, empower the creative youthful population in the production of their skilled inventions. I saw two different workshops making very good standard wheelbarrows and rakes and another making seeding machines one of which I bought. Ban the importation of such items, because they can be produced here locally and it will create jobs for many in the welding sector and save us foreign exchange.

Mamadi Amadou Jobarteh

What irks me most is the propensity of some of these ministers to openly lie to the public about the harsh realities of our country.

What subsidy is government putting on the price of fuel?

Was it not this criminal government that kept fuel prices at sky high levels when the price of fuel came down to near zero during the height of the COID-19 pandemic?

How many billions did this kleptocratic government snatched away from poor citizens by refusing to bring down the price of fuel to match world market developments?

If this same criminal enterprise that calls itself a government now faces the wrath of the public and tries to stabilize fuel prices; then why can’t they tell us the net unfair/extortion tax they levied on poor citizens over the past two years when fuel prices fell to near-zero levels in the world market?

Momodou Sabally

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