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Re: Dr Seedy Drammeh’s PhD

Let me begin by expressing my appreciation to The Standard newspaper, particularly the founder for doing a good job. I would also like to thank the readers of The Standard newspaper, especially genuine Gambians whose hearts are clean and are always ready to support their fellow citizens who are struggling to achieve success.

I have been reliably informed that someone wrote a letter asking about my degree and at the same time claiming to search google in the name of establishing the source of my degree. To be very mature and precise, I wish to let people know that I have obtained numerous authentic academic qualifications thanks to Almighty God, my parents and my efforts. One thing I am particularly happy about is the fact that I have endeavoured for my education beginning from Soma Primary School to the level I earned a PhD.

I take a moment of reflection every day to thank God for not only making it possible for me to obtain a PhD which I am really happy about but also for making it possible for me to let the world know I can deliver both at work and outside. This is the reason I was able to publish over 18 books none of which are from google search. I am a lucky person who is able to demonstrate my ability beyond reasonable doubt as my publications can be seen worldwide.

To conclude, I wish to advise people to spend their time doing something productive or strive to be like others who are doing something meaningful that will enable them leave a good legacy rather than having hatred and jealously which are enemies to national development. Let me seize this opportunity to tell the reader that I, Dr Seedy Drammeh, a certificated PhD holder has recently published a book sponsored by His Excellency, the President, Sheikh, Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh. 

The title of the book is: A Comparison of Development Projects of the Colonial era, the First Republic 1965-1994 and Second Republic Under the APRC Government 1994-2014: Republic of The Gambia. One thousand copies were printed and distributed at the Independence Stadium on 12 October 2014 as part of events marking the 20th anniversary of the July 22nd Revolution. Hope this is not the publication and others that made the person unhappy? Long live clean hearts, long live education. Let me make a promise that as a mature person, this is the last time I will respond to a criticism based on jealousy.


Dr Seedy Drammeh

Human Resources Manager

Gambia Revenue Authority



In praise of Latirr Carr


Dear editor,

I write to commend The Standard newspaper for producing a very readable and quality newspaper day in, day out. The reason I appreciate your newspaper is not only the front page news stories but the very many brilliant and divergent articles inside under columns such as Feature, Opinion, Analysis and Commentary. For myself and I dare say hundreds of others, The Standard is really the best ‘Reader’s Digest’ in the country today. 

I must single out the wonderful articles by Mr Latirr Carr in your Friday editions. Mr Carr is definitely a chip of the old block knowing the penmanship of his great father who was my peer and who taught many  at the then Gambia High School. 

I found Latirr’s writings very insightful and reader friendly. He writes with an easy charm that is very rare to find among Gambian writers now, young or old. However, I am perplexed by the letters ‘TBGA’ with which he always signs off his articles. What does it mean? Is it slang or some coded message?

And finally, what does ‘Red Black Nonsense’, his chosen title for his column mean?

It would be interesting to find out.


Pa Sulayman Ceesay



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